Evidence of Paper Mills Seeking to Collaborate with Legitimate Journals?

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International Bauhaus Science Press A front for a paper mill?

Paper mills are companies that write scholarly articles and then sell the authorship to researchers needing extra publications. They then arrange to have the articles published in prestigious journals. I have evidence that a possible paper mill is looking for journals in North America that will collaborate with it and publish its brokered articles in exchange for money.

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A whitepaper, Oil-Encapsulated Nanodroplet Array for Bio-molecular Detection: Has the time come for PCR to be ‘obsolete’ ?



Cellgen Diagnostics  has recently announced a free whitepaper on a molecular diagnostics platform that can rapidly detect genetic material to identify various illnesses and diseases in humans. It  was also  said to provide absolute quantification for the purpose of gene expression analysis for research and discovery.

The technology does not require the thermal cycling component, costly enzymes, or sequence specific labeling procedure like PCR/Amplification technologies, and presents as an innovative solution to provide near real time, quantitative results in a number of markets. These include disease diagnosis, veterinary diagnostics, companion diagnostics, food and safety testing, agriculture improvements, environmental testing, GMO testing and biological research testing.

Designed as an open platform able to detect any and all nucleic acid signatures, this detection platform was reported to be able to  offer one of the fastest and most sensitive methods available, detecting concentrations as low 10fM. This level of sensitivity  was said to enable the detection of nucleic acids in less than 30 minutes.

Will this be the death of qPCR as claimed?

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Criteria for Determining Predatory Open-Access Publishers as described by Jeffrey Beall

Criteria for Determining Predatory Open-Access Publishers  as described by Jeffrey Beall. Read the criteria here or Criteria (from http://scholarlyoa.com/2012/11/30/criteria-for-determining-predatory-open-access-publishers-2nd-edition/).

Open-acces publication and Beall’s list of predatory publishers

There are much more positive sides to the emergence and popularity of open-access publications in the scientific community.  Some of the advantages of open-access publication are: faster review and publication, easy and free dissemination of  research findings, perhaps better citation (as the papers can easily and freely accessed by other researchers) and alternative avenue for budding researches to get foothold in the scientific community.

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Powerful Time Management App

Time RescueWith the ever increasing offline and online destructions, effective time management and utilization has never been more challenging. There is too much to read, know, do and enjoy.  Everyday, each of us are faced by bunches of  seemingly important, but destructive information and activities. One of such sources of distraction is social network sites. We get into Facebook to see updates from our friends, family or whoever it might be,  but before we know it, several minutes and even hours have gone without doing anything meaningful or productive. We get disappointed, feel guilty and overwhelmed that other things which were supposed to be our priorities are waiting for us.

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Open Access Veterinary Medicine Journals

The following are  links to  open access journals in veterinary medicine .

Acta veterinaria (Belgrade) (Serbia. Open access 2002-current)
Acta veterinaria Brno (Czech Republic. Open access 1978-current)
Acta veterinaria Scandinavica (UK. Open access 2001-current)
American journal of animal and veterinary sciences (US. Open access 2006-current)
Annual review of biomedical sciences (Brazil. Open access 1999-current)
Avian pathology (US. Open access 1972-2 years ago)

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Antigen-Antibody Interaction

Lecture  notes

Antigen-Antibody Interactions_13 [Compatibility Mode]


Antigen processing and presentation




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Antibodies (Immunoglobulins)

Antibodies (Immunoglobulins) are gamma globulin proteins that are produced by the immune system to identify and neutralize
foreign objects, such as bacteria and viruses. Antibodies are produced by a kind of white blood cell called a plasma cell.

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Organs and Cells of the Immune System


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Find the lecture slides here: Organs and Cells of The Immune System

The following video and animation give very brief summary to understand the functions and natures of organs and cells of the immune system


Click  ANIMATION _Cells of the Immune System to view animations.

Click here for additional Links to related animations ,

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Lecture on Literature Review



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Please find the briefing lecture on literature review and related and additional reading materials.

Lecture note:

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